Monday, December 1, 2014

I pooped today

Hola familia!

Well, truth is that there isn't much to talk about this week.... So let me explain the title to this email.

Here in Guatemala, people shop in secondhand stores called "pacas." A paca is generally filled with all of the interesting clothing items from the US that they couldn't sell in Goodwill so they shipped them here.  Anyway, the thing is that people here don't understand the English phrases written on their shirts.  Thus, you end up with some interesting sayings on some interesting people.  For example, the other week I saw "army wife" on some Guatemalan gang buster´s tee shirt...

Well, this week was district p day, like all district p days in Guatemala, we decided to play soccer.  One of the Latino elders in our district, on his way to p day, stopped at a paca to buy a tee shirt to wear while we played.  This poor guy had NO IDEA what the thing he bought said, but he showed up to play wearing a tee shirt that proudly proclaimed:

"I pooped today."

Good for you, elder.

This week we have been working hard and seeing some results coming from it.  We have been working with a young girl, L_______, and trying to help her work toward baptism.  All of her family are members but, she never got baptized because her family is inactive.  However, as we have been teaching her I felt distinctly that her older brother, S______, wasn't a member.  I asked him, and he assured me that he was indeed baptized.  I also asked the branch president who told me the same thing.  But, I just couldn't shake the feeling that he wasn't a member.  So, despite my companion thinking I was crazy, I called the secretaries of the mission to have them search for his records.  Sure enough, they don't exist.  S_______ is not a member.  What we are assuming happened was that he was baptized and never confirmed.  This means that he can be baptized with his sister on the 30th of November.  What a miracle.  This really helped strengthen my testimony that God really will bless us with the whisperings of The Spirit that we need to help guide us to the people who need to be baptized (even if they were already baptized before). 

Cool, eh?

Other eventful thing that happened this week is that I had divisions with Hermana B_______. This was my third time having divisions with her and she is awesome.  She honestly feels more like a friend than a training leader.  But, here was our funny quote from divisions:

Me: " I am going to throw away my trash from my water real quick."

Hermana B_______: "Okay, and I will throw away the trash from my cookies so that no one knows I am not on my diet"

Me: "If diarrhea is a diet, we are all dieting!"

Okay, maybe you have to be a missionary in Guatemala to think that is funny.. But let's just say we all deserve " I pooped today" tee shirts.

I apologize that most all of this email is about bowel movements.... Yes I know that I am 20 years old.  I will try to be more spiritual next time.

Still praying for you! Love you guys!!!

Sepan que les amo!!!

Hermana Wise

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