Monday, December 1, 2014

He loves us

Hola familia!

Sorry to write you guys late.  District meeting got pushed back this week so writing did too.  But, here I am!

First off, I sent you guys a package... Get excited.  It's pretty cool.

This week has been edifying.  Hard? Yes.  Frustrating? Yes.  But that is the thing about being a missionary, you are more tired, beaten and worn down than you have ever been in your life but you are also the happiest because the Lord is carrying you through it. 

Recently, I have been focusing on really applying Preach my Gospel into my life, not only studying its teachings but truly applying it to every aspect of my mission.  One of the things that I have been focusing on is our divine purpose.  Each of us is a child of our loving Heavenly Father.  He knows and loves us individually and he will guide us through the paths of life.  As I have been pondering this more and more I have realized how incredibly profound this truth is, we are children of God.  Primary children know this, but do we really understand the magnitude of this truth? I surely didn't before my mission, and I am still learning.  But this truth of the gospel is liberating.

Which brings us to O______....

O_____ is a 50 year old investigator who the elders found 3 months ago.  When they found him, he was drunk in the street.  The elders began teaching him and he immediately gave up drinking and coffee and hasn't touched it since.  He has been coming to church but has been hesitant to accept baptism.  Yesterday, we left to visit him with the intent of talking about temple work.  However, as we began the lesson, he shared with us his fears about baptism (a subject he had been dodging for quite some time).  He explained to us that he is afraid of falling away or falling back into sin after being baptized.  He explained to us that his parents were both addicts and he has struggled with addictive behavior for his whole life.  He explained that he has been raised to be how he is and he is afraid that he is unable to change.  He then said that he told his daughter that he wants to be baptized and she told him:

"Are you sure? Remember how you are.  Are you sure you can do it?¨

The poor man was distressed and doubtful that he would ever be able to change.  As I sat there listening, the Spirit prompted me to ask him:

"Hermano, who knows you perfectly"

The question caught him off guard, but he answered correctly:


I responded:

"Yes, God knows you better than you know yourself.  He knows you better than the missionaries.  He knows you better than your daughter.  He is your loving father, you know that?"


"He believes in you.  He knows you can do it.  He loves you so much he sent his son Jesus Christ to pay for your sins.... And if you had been the only person to ever live on earth He would still do it.  He loves you O_______.  You know why he loves you?¨


"Because you are a child of God."


"Who are you?"

".... I am a child of God"

"Say it again!"

"I am a child of God"

"Say it like you believe it!"


We then read in Romans 8:16

"Porque el Espiritu mismo da testimonio a nuestro espiritu que somos hijos de Dios."

Hermana C_________ and I testified that because he is a child of God, he can be successful.  He can change.  We challenged him to get baptized this weekend....

... And he accepted. 

Family, I want you to know that I know that Heavenly Father lives.  He loves us.  I know that He sent his son Jesus Christ to suffer and die for our sins because he knows that we are worth it.  I testify that through the atonement of Jesus Christ we can change.  Satan tries to tell us that we can't, tries to tell us who we are, but we are children of our Heavenly Father.  We are infinite and powerful and with His help, we can do all things. 

Funny story of the week:

P day I cut my own hair (it was time, and if you had seen Guatemalan haircuts you would do it yourself too). 

Anyway, Hermana C_______ decided that since it turned out okay for me she would give it a whirl too..... Her quick trim ended up with her cutting off about 4 inches of hair and I had to finish the job because it was such a mess.

We all learn.

Love you guys! Read your scriptures and remeber quienes somos!


Con amor!

Hermana Wise

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