Friday, November 14, 2014


Hola familia,

This week has been pretty normal.  Hard, but normal.  The mission just doesn't get easy.  Opening an area is rough, but I am learning a lot here.  The elders who left this area left us very little to work with and the branch has been taking this change from elders to sisters as a serious downgrade. The branch here is tiny.  They only have about 40 members who consistently come.

So yeah, it has definitely been a trial of our faith.  But we are promised in the book of Ether that after the trail of our faith, we see miracles. 

So we keep working and waiting for the Lord to show us His miracles. 

I agree, it is completely weird that I am still with Hermana C________.  Three changes with the same comp is basically unheard of.  We have now been together almost 13 weeks.... 24 hours a day.... 7 days a week... Within sight and sound of each other unless someone is using the bathroom.... It's weird.  But mission life is a weird concept in and of itself. 

I honestly feel like I have started a brand new mission.  Santa L_______ is completely different from life in the city.  But I like it! People on the coast are hilarious. Here is a list of new, completely bizarre things I am experiencing:

1.  When someone dies here on the coast, there is a truck that drives all around the city with a loudspeaker on the top that blares the life story of whoever died at deafening volume. 

2.  EVERYONE here works with the Safra. It is the sugarcane harvest and EVERY ABLE BODIED MAN WORKS IN IT.  Even weirder is that they burn the stocks when they finish so black ash falls from the sky constantly like snow during this season.

3.  People here genuinely believe that by turning the lights off, it will be cooler inside your house. That is science.

4.  We don't have running water in the house.

5.  There was a volcanic eruption yesterday (not a dangerous one)

6.  I saw a family of 6 crammed on the same motorcycle (new record)

Because we are opening here, Hermana C_______ and I have been knocking more doors in these past two weeks than I have knocked in all my mission up to this point.  But, Friday we were out knocking when we knocked the door of a very, very Evangelico woman.... This is what she told us:

¨Thank you, but I already have my church.  I have already found God and I have Jesus in my heart.  I am EVANELICA.  So, yeah I am already saved because I know God.  What you guys need to do is visit the people who don't know God...You should visit the Catholics! There is a Catholic who lives over there, and another over there, and one in that blue house over there!"

 We were dying we were laughing so hard. 

That is about it for this week.  Working hard with the faith that our hard work will pay off.  We have the goal as a mission this month to baptize 400 people.  That means that every companionship needs to baptize at least 4.  We need some serious miracles to make it happen here in Las D________.  Pray for us!


Dad:  the jars made it ok! Don't worry.  I loved my package, thank you so much. Yes, I have my card.  But, there is nothing to buy here on the coast so no money has been pulled from it. 

That's it folks!  I love you all a lot! Praying for you people. 

Hermana Wise

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