Thursday, December 18, 2014

Hola Cambios!

Hola Familia!

Well, this week has been weird.  As you know, last week we got notice that Hermana C_________ and I would both have changes again and that we would be closing Las Delicias.  Well, I packed up all my stuff and hauled it across 2 buses to get to change meeting in the capitol.  To get this report:

"Y en la Zona Santa Lucia... En  La Gomera 1: Hermana G_________ recibira.... Hermana Wise!"

What? I am in the same zone as last time! Haha different district and entirely different area but close to my last one.  I have the same zone leaders and the same zone.  But still on the coast! Yay!!!

Hermana G_________ has about 6 months on the mission and is from Guatemala (the east mission). I was made senior companion (hard to do in a mission where 22 sisters will be going home next change and they are all seniors).  But we headed back to the G________ to work.  The following day, Hermana G________ got really sick (she had denguae).  So she tried her hardest to work but eventually had to stay in the house and I was on divisions with a member.  But, as the day progressed, she got worse so I ended up calling the nurse and it was discovered that Hermana G________ is allergic to mosquitos, which is unfortunate on the coast.  Eventually, it was decided that she would no longer be able to work here on the coast and she was emergency transferred to the mountains. 

So, I recieved Hermana Z_______.  She is incredible.  She has about seven months on the mission and is from Saint George but her parents are from Mexico so her Spanish is perfect.  I already love her so much and I know that this will be an incredible change. 

But.... with losing Hermana G________ that means that I am opening this area.  We are starting fresh, knowing absolutely nobody and doing our best not to get lost or teach any more lessons in the other sisters area (thus far we have only taught two lessons out of our own area....killing it).  But it is definitely a challenge opening as a senior companion, but I am really feeling the hand of God guiding me through.  I love this work.  I love these people.  I love the coast.  I love being a missionary.

I have really learned through my time on the mission that there are always changes...Six week changes, emergency changes, changes in your area or in your companion, the mission is filled with changes.  But, the changes that are the most important are the changes that Christ makes in each of us.  I am changed.  I am converted.  The Gospel has changed me and I have seen the changes that this message makes in the lives of others.

The Church is true. 

Also, we will be skyping on the 25th.  DAD, do you have rehearsal or weird stuff with the MoTab that day? Let us  know so we can plan.  Also, what is your Skype account?  Yay for talking to my family when it isn't about health emergencies!!!

Love you guys! Thanks for all your support.  I am happy to hear about all the different kinds of family progress you guys are making.

Estoy orando para ustedes.

Les amo!

Hasta la proxima semana...

Hermana Wise























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