Wednesday, December 24, 2014

Be careful what you pray for....

Feliz Navidad!

This week has been... Interesting.  Last Wednesday Hermana Z asked me what I was going to give Christ for Christmas this year.  I decided to pray for patience and apparently Hermana Z was praying for charity.... BIG MISTAKE!

...Sunday I got Dengue.

So, I got to learn to be patient in affliction and Hermana Z got to learn to have charity for her companion who was violently hurling and had a dangerously high fever.... That is what we get for praying for stupid things.

Dengue is awful.  It feels like your whole spine is on fire and like someone breaking all of your bones and then you have a super high fever and a really nasty rash all over your back.... Super good times... But on Sunday the district leader, Elder D (who has memorized all the episodes of Star Trek, but that is just an irrelevant detail) caught a ride into La G_______ to give me a blessing. 

During the blessing he promised me that I would be healed according to my faith.  Hermana Z and I went back to the house and prayed and prayed for patience and faith and charity and when I woke up Monday morning I was significantly better.  Still miserable, but I didn't wish I was dead, so that was pretty good improvement.

Moral of the story is be careful what you pray for, because you never know how Heavenly Father will answer.

Don't freak out, a lot of people get Dengue in this mission.  It is all a part of the experience. 

But let me just say, if I had to get Dengue in the mission, I am very grateful that Hermana Z was my companion during it.  That woman is incredible.  I love her so much.  I love serving here in La G_______, the branch members are so willing to help and even better is that we share the branch with another set of sisters (Hermana G and Hermana K).  We all love each other SO MUCH.  This area is great and serving here is so fun

We have some real miracles coming our way.  We have 3 people who could potentially be baptized this weekend.  Please pray for them!

Pray for:

C_________ (pray that her dad will give her permission to be baptized)


and C_______ H________

It is so humbling and amazing to be able to open an area.  It really shows how reliant we are on the Lord.  It also shows us how much he will bless us when we are exactly obedient and do our part.

Anyway, I will be skyping you all on Christmas Day between 10 and 11 in the morning.  I am excited to be able to talk to you guys (: 

Glad you liked the package! Make yourselves some Pepian!

My little sister is a hot babe!

Les amo muchisimo!


Hermana Wise

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