Tuesday, July 1, 2014


Hola Familia!

This week has been going just great! I´m happy.  I´m healthy.  I was bitten by a dog.... BUT it didn’t break the skin so I didn’t even have to get a rabies shot.

I am so blessed.

Things have been progressing well here in P_______.  We have several investigators who are working towards baptism.  Our converts are (almost all) coming to church regularly.

 And, best of all, the World Cup is almost over..... Almost.

Yesterday, Hermana H_______ and I had quite the experience. It was late, and we were in a lesson with a member and a less active family.  As do most lessons with members, the lesson ran a bit longer than the 30 minute slot we had planned, but not terribly long.  I remember as we left the lesson realizing how quickly it had gotten dark.

But, the street lights were on, so we weren’t worried.

Hermana H________ and I dropped off our member and hurried to our next appointment.  Now, we weren’t in a part of our area that was exceptionally dangerous.  But, we weren’t in a part of our area that was exceptionally safe either.

 Right as we were almost to our next appointment, the lights went out.  All the lights all through P_______ blew out.  Leaving us, two gringas, stranded in a now very dangerous alley in Guatemala. 

Without even saying a word, Hermana H_______ and I took off at a dead run to make it to a member´s house. 

I honestly have probably never been so scared in my whole life.  When the lights go off here, it basically turns into a wild free for all.

Luckily we made it to a member’s house, called the District Leader, and within 2 minutes the lights all came back on leaving us safe to continue working.

But this experience really made me think.  We are so incredibly dependant on the light of Christ in our lives.  The light of the Gospel is what keeps us safe. It allows us to see.   However, sometimes we choose to withdraw ourselves from the illumination of the Gospel.  As we are disobedient to the commandments of God, we slowly withdraw ourselves from the light and creep further and further into the dark.  This change is often gradual.  So slow that we don’t really notice it (like when we left the lesson).  Other times, when we commit serious transgressions, we withdraw completely from the light all at once leaving us helplessly and dangerously in the dark (like when the lights blew out).

Either way, the situation is dangerous.  When we disobey God´s commandments, we put ourselves in spiritual and physical peril.  We don’t realize how incredibly dependant we are on the light of Christ until it is gone.  We need to constantly be evaluating how much light we have.  Because when we realize it´s gone, we are already in danger.

I am so, so grateful for the protection we have here as missionaries both spiritually and physically.  I am also grateful for the protection we enjoy as we live the commandments.

I LOVE the commandments, people!

Other exciting news from this week:

POR FIN F_________ got baptized this weekend.  It was awesome! He bore his testimony afterwards about the importance of persevering (preseverar? How do you say that in English?) to the end.  He also talked about his own desire to serve a mission.  This kid is pilas.  I am just so happy for him.

We have a new mission president, who we will meet tomorrow. (Pray for the Markhams!)

Hermana H________ peed her pants.... Again.

That´s about it!  Thanks for all your support! I love you guys so much. 

Good luck with the entrevistas Holly! I know you will do great!

Linc, when do you go to Ecuador? Hermana M______ (from Ecuador) is extremely excited for you!

Happy 4th!

THIS LAND IS MY LAND..... Just for you dad. 

Hna Sabia

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