Thursday, July 10, 2014


Hola familia!

Another week has come and gone here in P_______.  I feel like this change flew right by.  Hermana H______ keeps telling me that the mission just goes faster and faster (which stresses me right out because I already feel like it is going super fast). This week I have finished the third change of my mission.... which means I am a fourth of the way through...... This is just too weird.

The good news:  I get to stay in P_______ for another 6 weeks!

The sad news:  Hermana H_______ has to leave.

The mission is just so traumatizing this way:  You get shipped away from  your home and everything familiar, run around telling everyone about Jesus, come to love a group of strangers and the strange person you are stuck with 24/7...


And the process repeats. 

Honestly though, watching Hermana H________ say goodbye to our investigators and converts has instilled a deep sorrow in me knowing that, one day, I will have to leave P_________ too. 

I just want to stay here my whole mission.... maybe my entire life.

But, thus is the mission.

We are continuing to see great things in our mission and in our area.  Presidente Markham is quite different from Presidente Brough.  But, he is keeping the standard of obedience the same in the mission so we will continue seeing sucess.  I am excited to be working with the Markhams, they seem like really great people. 

Funny story of the week:

Hermana H________ and I have been teaching C_______ and her 2 daughters for a few weeks now.  They have been progressing right along, so in order to prepare them for baptism we needed to teach them the Word of Wisdom. 

We set an appointment, and showed up with a solid lesson plan to help them understand this commandment.

There was only one problem:  C________ had to get a tooth pulled out that morning... And they had to put her under twice...

She was stoned out of her face.

So there we where, teaching the Word of Wisdom to two young women while their mom sat in the corner, swollen, drugged, and occasionally muttering things in Spanish about the Catholic church.

I can check ¨Teach the Word of Wisdom to someone under the influence¨ off of my list of things to do on my mission. 

The best part was, C_______ almost gave her bloodied molar to Hermana H_______ as a gift.  How cool would that have been? 

Well family, that is about it for today.  Thanks for all your love and support while I am here in the field.  It really does make all the difference. 

Pray that C______, F_______ and M_________i will accept to be baptized this Sunday!

Pray that A_______ will come to church!

Pray that J______ l and Y________ can get married so they can be baptized in July!

Pray that M______, J_______, and J________ will be able to get baptized too!!

Pray for my new companion!

Love you all!  Pray for each of you every day. 

With all my love,


Sierra with her first beloved companion, Hermana H.
The flooded streets of her town.

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