Friday, March 28, 2014

Sorry Mom! I panicked.

March 24, 2014

Hola familia y amigos!

Today makes the half way point for my time here in the CCM.  Time seriously doesn’t make sense here.  I simultaneously feel as though I barely got here and I have lived here for several months.  Pretty sure I am gaining weight though, or bloating from all the frijoles.  Probably both.

By the way, the enter key doesn’t work on this, so someone will need to break it into paragraphs.[Gotcha covered….Dad]

First off, I got called out of the audience in sacrament meeting on Sunday to give a talk on faith in front of the whole CCM.... Yeah! I have only been here for a grand total of 3 weeks.  Pretty sure I just blacked out. But I got through it.  Thank goodness for the gift of tongues.

Secondly, last p-day we got to leave the CCM and go shop down the street.  Guess what was playing in the shops? Florence and the Machine! And guess what I bought? A Doctor Pepper.  That’s it.  I am never coming home.  Guatemala has everything that I need.  

So last week we got a new batch of Nortes, which means that we aren’t the youngest in the CCM anymore.   But here’s the weird part.  One of the hermanas sees me and screams "ARE YOU SIERRA WISE?" to which I replied that I was.  Then another girl screams “FROM THE LOVING THE LAMANITES BLOG?!" She then began pulling all of my blog posts out of her satchel... she had printed them off.  They all read them together on
the plane ride here.  The super weird part was that none of them had any idea that I was even here.  I didn’t know if I should be flattered or completely creeped out.  I was a little of both.

Funny story of the week:

How can I put this lightly.... Latino elders are “interesting.” Many of them have never seen a white girl before.  They tend to get.... attached.  One such elder took particular interest in me despite my attempts to avoid him.  Last Wednesday, before he left he asked for my email.  I politely refused, and he proceeded to beg me in broken English to have it.  I didn’t know what to do!  So... I gave him yours mom.  So sorry.  If you get an amorous email entirely in Spanish... my bad.  

Also, every time the CCM coordinator sees me he asks if I am either Cat Woman from Batman, or Fantine from Les Mis....

No.  I am not Anne Hathaway.  

Also, the CCM is located next to a crazy night club.  Last night, I was studying the Law of Chastity when "I’m
sexy and I know it" came blasting through the walls of the CCM.  But hey, opposition in all things.  On a more serious note, The Gospel is so true! The spirit is so strong! It’s amazing how The Spirit will testify when I don’t have the words to.  Linc and Kenz, be dilligent in studying the Gospel.  Your time will come quickly.  Also, DONT DROP OUT OF SPANISH! I hate myself every day for that.  Oh! and my mission scripture is Moses
6:32 through 34 beginning at "Go forth and Do" It’s amazing.  

Also, my district loves making fun of me.  They are keeping a talley of the number of times I say "I love my family" It;s a lot. I just love you guys.  Can’t help myself.  


Talk to you all next week.  


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