Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Suprise! I'm writing on Monday again!

March 31, 2014

Hola! So it looks like I am writing on Monday again.... Not entirely sure why.  Maybe I would understand if I could read the schedule, but it is entirely in Spanish.  So it’s just a surprise every day!

Once again, no enter key... Sorry for the jumbled mess. 

First off, I sang in church yesterday! In front of the whole CCM... That was scary. Hermana ______ and I sang, and Hermana ________ played the piano.  We sang "I know that my Redeemer lives" and brought Sister Cox (the CCM presidents wife) to tears.  Hopefully  in a good way! The branch president recorded it and sent it to us, I’ll forward it to you. 
Truthfully, there isn’t much to write about this week.  Same old, same old. Learning Spanish, embarrassing myself trying to speak it. 
The usual.

Tomorrow, the other trio leaves which will make us the oldest at the CCM.  So weird. 
Things are really improving in the companionship.  I channeled my inner Momma Wise and talked to Hermana _________ about what has been going on.  She seemed a little surprised that I would be bold enough to talk to her about it.  I read some scriptures with her about what I hoped our companionship could be like and she seemed very receptive.  I asked her what I could be doing better, and she didn’t have much to say.  But, things have seemed better since.
My district is awesome.  We work hard and play hard.  Namely, we play four square during Deportes, and I dominate...Not that I am competitive or anything. 

Also, my dear CCM teacher, Hermana Alverado is coming to Salt Lake for conference! I will send you guys her email, but it would be awesome if you would invite her over for dinner or something.  She lives in the central mission and could tell you all about the area I will be serving in.  Plus she is the kindest person on earth and has great English.  I will forward you her email. 

I wanted to thank you guys, Mom and Dad, for teaching me from the scriptures.  It is surprising how many people here have no idea about the Gospel.  My parents are the greatest.  Linc and Kenz, be sure to study every day! And memorize your scripture mastery! It will serve you so well in life.  I have letters written out for both of you.  Linc, yours has tips for the mission.  Kenz, yours has tips for high school.  Love you both.  Good job on the ACT, Linc! You’re a smartie.  Imagine if you actually STUDIED?

Spiritual thought of the week:

I was studying this week about the Anti Nefi Lehites burying their weapons of war.  We learned the cultural significance of weapons to the Mayan people.   Their weapons were their most valuable and precious items.  It would be the equivalent of Bishop _______ burying his Viper in the backyard.  That was the level of their dedication to the Lord.  Similarly, we each need to be that dedicated.  That is what it means to have "real intent."  We must be willing to, without hesitation or restraint, follow the will of God.  The blessings that come will be remarkable, just like they were for the stripling warriors. 

Side note, Hermana ________ says that if she dies young it’s ok because she will just find a stripling warrior on the other side and marry him... That girl.  Love her. 

I am so grateful that I get to be a missionary here in Guatemala! I already love these people so much!!!

Also, please pray for my other CCM teacher Hermano Albedio, he lost his mission scriptures and is distraught.  I know if we pull enough prayers together, we can figure out where they are. 

All my love!

Hermana Wise

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