Saturday, March 15, 2014

Tenemos cuidado por a la ogra de la CCM

March 11, 2014          

Hola family

So I still am not quite sure how these Guatemalan keyboards work... could be interesting.   Wish me the best.  

Ok so first things first... I am here! And I am so excited!!! There are only about 10 white sisters in the whole CCM.  And I am the tallest.  I was pretty tall for a girl back home but put me in Guatemala and I’m a giant.  I tower over most of the men here.  Throw on some clunky missionary shoes and some bad Spanish and I am a bona-fied freak of nature.  I am the ogre of the CCM.
But really, I love it here.

I have 2 companions--Hermana _______ and Hermana _______.  Hermana ________ is amazing.  She going to USU too, we might room together.  Hermana _______ doesn’t want to be here... as she tells us every day.  It’s difficult.  But we are finding ways to work through it.

Alright down to business, we are teaching a real investigator!!! AH! I didn’t believe it either but he really is an investigator.  Me and my two companions _________ and __________ have been teaching him with our district.  Our first lesson went pretty well.  It was a lot of charades and Spanglish--looks like my ASL will be put to use after all.  Anyway, the next day we walked in and he said “So I looked your church up on the Internet and I found a bunch of stuff about polygamy... Will you explain that to me?”


I had only 4 days of Spanish instruction at that point.  I looked to my companions to see if I had heard him right.  They where clutching each other like a couple of wet cats and looking at me like they were terrified.... So I inferred that I would be answering that one.  Adventures.

Before I came here, Clark told me that not knowing the language is extremely humbling and will teach you to listen like you have never listened before.  Truer words where never spoken.

Funny story of the week:

Last night they asked me to pray at evening devotional... entirely in Spanish... in front of the entire CCM.  They didn't even give me time to brush up on my vocab.  So I did it, and I was able to give the entire prayer just fine.  The funny part was when I finished, the entire CCM erupted into cheers.  All the Latinos were so proud of me for praying en Espanol.  I don’t think I have ever been cheered on for praying before.  But it was pretty hilarious.

Spiritual story of the week:

Last night, we where teaching our investigator, M.  Once again, we had very little time to prepare.  And, once again, he was asking extremely difficult questions.  Like, why women don’t have the priesthood.  I remember praying silently that the Lord would give me the vocabulary necessary to teach by the Spirit.  Then, I opened my mouth and started talking... in Spanish.  I can’t even tell you what I said.  Then Hermana ___________ started teaching in Spanish too! The Spirit was so strong.  The gift of tongues is SO REAL.  It was the most amazing experience I have ever had.  When we got back to class, all three of us just broke down and cried.  I know that not a single word of that lesson came from us.  The Lord truly blesses his missionaries.  The gift of tongues is so real.  Being a missionary is completely amazing.

Spiritual thought of the week:

In Espanol, the phrase “keep the commandments” translates to “guard the commandments.”  I just love that so much.  We should all guard the commandments.

Funny quote of the week:

Hermana _____________, just after walking into the bathroom...


I couldn’t stop laughing.

I LOVE [the picture you sent] SO MUCH!!!! I was dying I was laughing so hard about the picture.  My companions are sitting here crying over reading news from home.  Meanwhile I am laughing hysterically and about to pee myself. Yup.  I love it. 

The Guatemalans are super excited that Dad is in the Motab.  They keep asking to see pictures of him so they can look for him during conference.  By then they will be in the field.

I also had a Latin elder tell me that I am really pretty... that was awkward.  I’ll be avoiding him for a while.

No Dr Pepper.  SO sad.  LAX didn’t have any.

The food here is really amazing, until they try to make American food.  Then it’s disgusting.  I do eat ice cream three times a day, though.  And I had papoosaus for breakfast. The chef’s name is Carlos.

Life is good.

Missionary work is awesome.

I love you guys so much! I miss you, but I know you are doing just fine without me.  Thanks for all the love and support

Con amor!

Hermana Sabia... that’s what the Latinas call me here

PS. Don’t put the Virgin Mary on any of my packages or mail. It causes problems here I guess.  Just put my whole name “Hermana Sierra Faith Wise.” That should be good enough.

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