Friday, March 28, 2014

There are Elders in the Bathroom

March 17, 2014

So the spacebar doesn’t really work on this [computer].  That’s a new one.


So to begin, allow me to briefly complain and then I will talk about all the things that I am loving.

So last week we had our first companionship inventory... That was exciting.  Hermana _____ and I planned out how we were going to make it positive because we knew that Hermana ______ has been having a hard time.  So at first, we focused on all the things we have been enjoying, and then finished off asking what we could do better.  Hermana _______ bluntly informed us that she likes Hermana _______, but hates “people like me.”  When I asked her what she meant, she said that she hates happy people.... So not really sure what to do about that.  I have just continued being my happy self.  I guess she can deal with it? I have been praying for her.  Maybe some prayers from home would help too.

Also, FHE idea for this week.  In PMG there is a really great section about evaluating your own personal development of Christ-like attributes.  It looks like a checklist.  You should all do it for FHE and tell me how it goes! It’s amazing for anyone, not just missionaries, to evaluate their relationship with God.

Dad! You are a hero here.  The Latinos y Latinas think it is SO COOL that you are in the Mo Tab.  They keep asking to see your picture so that they will remember to look for you in conference.  You’re famous.

Alright, a typical day here in the CCM entails waking up at 6:20, reading scriptures, working out, eating breakfast. Classes until lunch, then more classes, then preaching, then classes, then preaching, then dinner, then classes then preaching then falling into bed dead tired.


Really, I do.  Wearing the tag makes it all worthwhile.

Funny story of the week:

Me and my companions were in the bathroom. I was just getting out of the stall and my companions where washing their hands when all of the sudden two Latino Elders come bursting in...

They paused, saw some white sisters and ran screaming “LO SIENTO!”

Couldn’t stop laughing.

My Spanish is coming along, just not at the rate that I would like it to.  Because the rate that I would like it to come would be immediately.  Unfortunately, the Lord doesn’t work like that.  But I keep working and praying and I know I will get there. 

Second Nefi 32 verses 2 and 3 promise that if we learn the doctrine of Christ, and feast upon the Holy Scriptures, we will be able to speak with the tongue of angels.  Now this might be totally false doctrine, but I am pretty sure angels know Espanol.  So it will all be well.

But some prayers coming my way would be much appreciated.

My district is hilarious.  I love it here.

Also, I am the only sister in the WHOLE FREAKING CCM going to Guatemala City Central... Como say what??

Also, shout out to Emily P! She is like a celebrity here.  People keep telling me that I remind them of a sister who just left, her name is Hermana P... HIGHEST of compliments.

Tomorrow is technically P-day.  Today is “email and fast-from-English day.” In other words “write your family in awkward silence because you don’t know Spanish.”

Do what we can.

Tomorrow, Hermana F leaves.  I really will cry.  She is THE COOLEST sister missionary ever.  She is going to tear it up in Quetzal, I can’t wait to hear all about it.

So here was how I butchered Spanish this week:

While talking to our investigator in Spanish, what I said...

"I know that we all experience difficulties in this life I fart God will help us."

I TRIED to say...

"I know that we all experience difficulties in this life BUT God will help us."

PEDO y pero are not the same thing.

Preaching the truth one fart at a time.

Like father, like daughter.

Thanks for emailing me Linc and Kenz!!! I love you both a whole lot. I don’t have time for individual emails today but I will mail you letters tomorrow. In the mean time, MAKE GOOD CHOICES


Con amor mi familia,

Talk to you next week!!!


Hermana Wise

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