Friday, July 10, 2015

These are a Few of My Favorite Things

Hola familia!

I can't lie this week has been rough.  With the boundary change in our area we are dying here in SE.  Despite working our tails off all week long we don't have a single investigator... Not one.  We had to drop L because he just doesn't want to progress.... So that is rough.  But, it is all okay because I know the Lord will provide we just have to keep slugging along. 

Anyway.  Enough of that. 

Let me explain the title of this email:  This week Hermana S and I have had a few interesting and comical experiences here in SE. 

The other night we were making our way through the streets of SE when we were suddenly approached by a group of drunk, possibly drug-induced men.  Now before you all panic, this is pretty normal here in Guatemala.  At this point I am basically a professional at dodging drunks.  So, without missing a beat I simply walked around them and continued on my way. 

Hermana S, however, wasn't so lucky.  Panic stricken she just stood there without knowing what to do.  As the bolo approached her she began to scream out for help.  The man had his arms outstretched like he was going to grab her.

Honestly? I didn't have any idea what to do either.  But, before I knew it I held my Book of Mormon (hardcover) high in the air and shouted:


I know... Real Christ like of me. 

But the man just looked confused for a minute and then took off running in the opposite direction.

Power of the Book of Mormon right there, folks. 

The other experience was that this week we had the chance to play boliche  (bowling) as a district for P Day yesterday.  It was super, super fun.  And, not to be prideful or anything, I totally won. 

So yeah, the work is kinda dead but at least we have things to laugh about.

Other crazy news:  This week I officially completed 16 months in the mission.... WHAT? I honestly do not understand what happened.  But here is my list of 16 things that I love about the mission.

1.  I love giant wet YOU JUST GOT BAPTIZED hugs

2.  I love awkward wet YOU JUST GOT BAPTIZED handshakes (because we don't hug boys)

3.  I love crazy Guatemalan rainstorms

4.  I love contacting in the streets

5.  I love preaching in the buses

6.  I love when random people in the street attempt to speak to me in English but just scream at me "VERY THANK YOU!"

7.  I love seeing the light of Christ in the eyes of my investigators

8.  I love seeing others accept the Gospel

9.  I love being rejected and realizing that the biggest miracle in the mission is my own conversion

10.  I love eating tortillas every day

11.  I love speaking Spanish

12.  I love when my Latin district leader has to correct my English.... It's getting bad, folks

13.  I love P day naps

14.  I love waking up early to read the scriptures

15.  I love knowing that this is the work of the Lord

16.  I love being a missionary. 

Well there you have it.  My favorite things. 

Love you guys!

Have a great week!

Hna Wise

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