Thursday, July 9, 2015

June 30th letter

Hey Family!

This week has been absolutely incredible.  Can't lie, I was in pretty rough shape with how this area divide is going to happen.  But, even though this week started out rough it ended up with a miracle baptism!!!

Our miracle is named E.  She came to church a few weeks ago with her friend who just finished his mission.  When we started teaching her she was more or less positive.  But as we continued teaching her we saw more and more of a change in her as she accepted more and more the light of Christ in her life.  We were able to teach her to the Book of Mormon but then she disappeared.  We lost contact with her and when we passed by looking for her we were unable to find her. 

So confused about whether or not she actually wanted to listen, we more or less had to leave her. 

But that is when the miracle came in,  last Sunday she showed up at church again with her friend and told us that she had been sick and left town but now that she returned she had been reading the Book of Mormon and wanted to be baptized!!!!


Honestly, God is so merciful to us here as we serve Him.  E got baptized Sunday (on her 15th birthday).  Who needs a quince-anos when you can make a sacred covenant with God?

But, we always have to do weird stuff to make baptisms happen.... President Markham always teaches us that everything we do is PARA BAUTIZAR.  Or everything we do needs to help us fulfill our purpose in inviting others to come unto Christ through baptism.  So here is my list of the week of things that we did PARA BAUTIZAR...

1. Piled into a taxi with 11 other people.... PARA BAUTIZAR

2.  Washed baptismal clothes with rain water.... PARA BAUTIZAR

3.  Walked 12 kilometers in 1 hour and 11 minutes... PARA BAUTIZAR

4.  Worked in a scary Guatemalan hailstorm.... PARA BAUTIZAR

5.  Spoke in sacrament meeting with 5 minutes notice.... PARA BAUTIZAR

6.  Spent an entire day searching for someone to sell us water with the elders in order to actually be able to baptize E.... PARA BAUTIZAR

7.  Survived more parasites.... PARA BAUTIZAR

So yeah! This week was nuts! But really good.  Hermana S is doing incredibly well.  She is training me.... But really.  Love this girl.  I really love this district.  I will send you all some crazy district photos. 

Keep making good choices!  Love you all!

Hermana Wise

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