Tuesday, July 21, 2015

There is Only One Gringo in the District

Hola familia!

Sorry for writing on a weird day again.... I just like to keep you all guessing.  The thing is that we won the perfect district competition again this change and once again got to eat in Presidents house.  It was pretty cool, and as a result P day got switched around. 

Wow, I cannot even express how much I love this district.  Seriously, in all my mission I have never had a district more united and more fun.  We are all best friends.  Our time together mostly consists of inside jokes, laughing, inside jokes that we don't even understand, singing hymns in the bus until everyone begs us to stop, laughing, spiritual moments, pretending to speak Portuguese, and more laughing.  The other missionaries here in SE have become my family.  This branch is really geographically isolated and it is rare that we see other missionaries.  As a result, we have all grown super close.  Elder S is basically a standup comedian.  Elder A is super weird but we all love him.  Elder P has been my district leader for 4 months between here and Palin... I would literally give the kid a kidney if proven necessary.  Elder R keeps us balanced.  And we all know that I love Hermana S. 

Seriously, I love these guys.  We all just get along super great.  The other day we were all eating together after branch counsel and out of nowhere the elders told me: 

"Hermana Wise... We had divisions the other day and we came to a conclusion: There is only one north American in the district, and it is Elder R. You are officially Latina."

It was seriously the best compliment that anyone has ever given me.  I have officially been converted to be Latina.

But really, we are always having a great time.  Earlier this week we all got on the same bus after Zone meeting to head back to SE.  They were all laughing and telling me that I had to contact the bus but I had to do something crazy.  After asking them to clarify they all simply told me: we just want to laugh. 

So, feeling passively aggressive this is what I did:

"Good afternoon brothers and sisters! We are representatives of Jesus Christ and we are here to share a message with you.  I know that the Book of Mormon is true and that this is the same church Christ organized during his lifetime.  We would like to take your addresses so that we can share this message with you in your homes... But first, I would like to recognize the presence of the world famous, Elder P.... The hymn-singing preacher from El Salvador.  He is going to pass in front and sing a song for all of you, all by himself, in English.  And then we are going to pass by and write down your addresses." 

The funniest part was that he really did it.

Hermana Markham says that this is the most unified, loving district in the whole mission. 

Which, obviously means we have changes..... The call came this morning and shocked us all.  Elder A is leaving the district with Elder S and Elder R...

... And I am leaving too. 

We all cried like babies.  Changes is the hardest part of the whole mission. And this change really stings.  But, the work of the Lord rolls forward and we have to do His will.  I truly feel like I have done all that God wanted me to do here in SE and that now it is my time to go... But I will really miss the other missionaries, members, and my converts here.

Which brings us to our favorite game, where in the world will Hermana Wise be next week?  Where will I finish my mission? Please pray for me.... There are rumors that I will be opening an area again.  But, we will see.

Alright, thinking about changes is making me sad all over again.... Let me share a funny story with all of you:

The other day we needed to get into the capital, so we took a bus.  The only problem is that the buses that go to the capital in the morning are always jam packed with people.  As a result, it is super hard to get off the bus at your stop.  Frazzled, I was trying to get my backpack down from the overhead compartment when I suddenly heard Hermana S scream out in terror.  When I looked behind me, I saw Hermana S... In the arms of a strange man...who was carrying her.

"LET ME GO LET ME GO!!!!!" she screamed.... and was helplessly kicking her little feet trying to get away.  But this "overly helpful" bus assistant was trying to help her get off the bus.... Instead of just taking her hand and helping her jump down he decided to carry her. 

In panic, I threw myself off the back of the bus and ripped her out of the man's arms. 

The funniest part?  In all the commotion I accidently pocket dialed the first councilor in the branch and left him a voice mail:


"HE WAS CARRYING ME!!! HE TOUCHED ALL MY BODY!!!!" (followed by unintelligible screaming)

Gotta love the mission. 

Well folks, I sure do love you.  I will let you all know next week what happens with changes.


Love you!

La latina de distrito Jocotillo...

Hermana Wise 

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