Wednesday, May 27, 2015

The Ups and Downs


Hola Familia,

Thank you all for your love and support of my hija, Hermana C.  As you now know, her mother passed away last night.  I spoke to Hermana C on the phone at about ten.  She had been talking to her family and was feeling pretty shaken up.  Her sister begged her to come home, but if she returns it will end her mission.  She had to tell her family that she wouldn't be coming home and they all took it pretty hard.  I guess her mother's final days on earth were tough for everyone involved.  Two hours after our phone conversation, she called me again to tell me that her mom had passed away.  She told me:

"I just felt tortured like Alma when he remembered all his sins... But then right at midnight I just felt overwhelming peace and happiness like all at once someone just took it all away.  A few minutes later President Markham called me to tell me that my mom died.  But it's okay.  I know she is here with me."

She also told me that she felt "healed," which I thought was interesting.  It is amazing to be able to see the strengthening power of the atonement working in my little hijita.  I am grateful she is with Hermana Wong, she is a great strength to her. 

Thank you all for your prayers and your concern for my hija.  Please keep praying for her and her family.  Unfortunately, her family does not have the same strength and faith Hermana C has. 

On a brighter note, the S family got married on Saturday and baptized on Sunday... Just how we planned.  It was a HUGE miracle.

 The wedding on Saturday was absolutely insane.  We had to rent a bus to try to get our investigators, their family AND the family that the Elders were marrying to the church in time.  But, even with a bus we didn't all fit.  All missionaries were kicked off the bus and abandoned in the elders area.... An hour and a half away from the church.  We ended up taking two buses, and a taxi in the pouring rain to try to get to the wedding.  After getting lost in the adjacent mission, being crammed in a taxi with 8 other people, and sprinting like crazy people through the streets of Guatemala we made it just in time to the church.  We came, ate tamales, and witnessed two families be married.  Doesn't get any better. 

After the wedding, we had the interviews for the baptisms.  Elder L explained that the interview with M (the little one) was pretty much the funniest experience of his life. 

"M, what is tithing?"

(while holding up ten fingers)  "We have to give ONE HUNDRED PERCENT of everything to the church so they can buy chairs."

"M, what is repentance?"

"You look strong, like maybe you could kill me.... Will you flex your muscles so I can see?"

"M, what is the Law of Chastity?"

"It means we don't look at bad pictures and I don't let anyone touch me like I am a prostitute.  My brother has bad pictures on his computer."

"Uhhh...what kind of bad pictures?"

"He has pictures of Jesus casting out a bad spirit.... That bad spirit is really scary."

Man, I love that little guy.  The baptism was just amazing.  It was incredible to see an entire family one after another enter the waters of baptism...  I would try to explain it, but I will just send pictures instead.


Hna Wise

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