Friday, April 10, 2015

Chased By Jesus

Hola Familia!

Well, I have officially survived another Holy Week here in Guatemala... What a miracle.  Friday morning, NO ONE was in their house, after all of our plans fell through we started knocking around the central part of our area before lunch.  Finally, we found someone in the street and started teaching her a basic first lesson.  It was right after the prayer when I heard a scary... BOOOM DRUM TUM DA DUM coming from right behind me.  I flipped around and there He was... Jesus.

Okay, not the real Jesus... Just some Catholic guy dressed up as Jesus marching through the street hauling his giant cross (Jesus didn't even carry his own cross... So confused).  Anyway, said Jesus began chasing us.  That's right people CHASING US.  We straight up got chased by Jesus through the streets of Palin.  It was the scariest/most hilarious experience.  The best part was how I couldn't stop yelling at Hermana C:


Luckily we were able to outrun the guy and find a lesson before lunch. 

Other fun surprises this week, I got to have divisions with Hermana P.  It was awesome.  I love that girl.

Other unexpected news:

.... My companion and I are no longer in Palin.  We had emergency changes yesterday and are now serving in an area called SE which is located in the mountains above P. 

I am serving in a branch again.  This area is huge, and for the past five months the elders who visited here didn't touch the area book... Like at all.  We literally have nothing.  There aren't even old investigators and none of the converts come to church nor have been visited since November.... It is a challenge, and it is hard but I know that God wants me to do it.  Who on earth opens area four times during their mission? Oh yeah... I do.  Pray for us, please. 

We got the news just before conference.  I remember feeling so stressed when President explained that I would be opening an area AGAIN.  Honestly? I was kind of resentful towards God for a minute there.  Opening areas is hard people, really hard.  But listening to the MoTab sing "Consider the Lilies" really reminded me that it isn't my right to question God and His will for me.  So here I am... In SE.... Lost, but doing the will of God.  So all is well.

Tomorrow is going to be a very special day.  President has given my companion and me permission to go to  the temple to do the work for her grandmother because Hermana C told me "I just want someone on the other side waiting to receive my Mom, and I feel like my grandma will accept it."  Please continue to keep them in your thoughts and prayers.

Well folks, that is about it.  I love you guys! Shout out to mi papi chulo singing in the MoTab, you make me so proud.

Well,  I love you people.  Pray for us and know that I pray for you too!!!

Con amor!

Hna Wise





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