Wednesday, March 25, 2015


Hola mi familia,

Well truth is that this week has been a bit rough.  We had two baptisms lined up for this weekend but, unfortunately neither came to church... Satan is just attacking the heck out of this area.  But it is alright because I know that they will come this week and everything will pull together.... It always does.  It's just like Hermana Haymond and I always used to say


That is the truth, people.

It is super weird to see Hermana Haymond and Hermana Godfrey in my house with my family and my smelly dog... But cool.  I hope you guys had a great visit.

Honestly, I don't really have much to write this week.  It was a fairly typical week filled with work, walking, and trying to find some traction here in our area.  I threw up lunch in the street one day, but that is also completely normal.  Just drank some Gatorade and got on with my life.

Really, I love this place.  I love Guatemala.  I love being a missionary.  I am just living the dream (shout out to Hermana Godfrey).  It really is the truth though.  People keep asking me how I feel now that I have completed a year.  Truthfully? I just feel sad.  I cannot explain how much I love the mission.  Guatemala changed me, and I am not even talking about the weight I have gained or the fact that I am not grotesquely white anymore... I love this place and I love what I am doing.  For the past week I have just been praying with all my might that President Monson will announce that women can now serve for 2 years.  If it happens I am staying here.... No doubt about it.  Start praying now, folks!

This place has changed me forever.  Here is my list of 12 things I have learned in 12 months. 

1.  God loves his children.  God loves us, I have no doubt about it.  He loves us infinitely and individually.  He desires to help us and He will according to our obedience.

2.  The Gospel is true.  I testify and know of surety that the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints is the same church established by Jesus Christ himself during his mortal life.  I know that, in reality, God the Father and his Son, Jesus Christ appeared to Joseph Smith.  This event catalyzed the restoration of the Gospel and changed history forever. I wasn't there, but I know without a doubt that it happened.  I know because I prayed, and through the Holy Ghost, God blessed me with an answer. 

3.  Obedience with exactness brings miracles.  I have never in my mission slept past 6:30... Not even for just a few minutes.  Is that crazy? Maybe.  But if we want blessings we will be obedient, but if we want miracles we must be obedient with exactness.

4.  You can eat tortillas with EVERYTHING.  For reals.

5.  It is possible to suffer more than you ever have before and be the happiest in your whole life.  (Try going to the hospital in Guatemala....)

6.  Everything happens for a reason.  Everything here in the mission is so inspired! Companions, areas, everything.  (Shout out to Hermana Haymond... Thanks for being my mom).

7.  I can now tell the difference between gunfire and firecrackers.

8.  The Atonement works.  Not just for our sins, but also for our heartaches, weaknesses, and everything else.

9.  We need to repent EVERY DAY! I did not understand this before the mission, but every day we need to repent and be a little more like Jesus.

10.  No matter how rough of a day you have, it's okay... Because at least you aren't a dog living on the streets of Guatemala.

11.  Spanish... And the Gift of Tongues is real.

12.  The mission is the greatest blessing.  I love it.  It has been a great 12 months and I know it will be a great 6 months to come! (OR 12!!! I HAVE FAITH)

Thanks for all the love and support! I truly feel it. 

Praying for you always!

Hermana Wise

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