Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Almost Got My Head Chopped Off....and Other News

Hola familia!

Wow, what an adventure it is to be here opening area for the 4th time in SE.  This week was tough, really tough as we tried to gain some traction in this very tiny branch.  But, we are definitely seeing miracles and coming to love this little sector of the Lords vineyard.

Okay, for the title of this email.... This was going to be one of those ''wait until you come home'' type of stories but it is just way too funny to not tell you guys. Just try not to worry about me...

So, we are opening this GIANT area but they just pulled the elders who were here and moved them more southward. As a result, when we get completely lost I can always call Elder Larson (who entered with me) and ask him a thousand questions to try and find our way around... Kinda helps, but he only had 3 weeks here before we took over. 

Anyway, the elders just kept telling us all about ''Juan.'' 

According to the elders, Juan is a golden investigator who is going to get baptized in April. 


So, clearly we decided to go try and find him.  It was late Saturday night when we started looking for him.  The address wasn't very clear (welcome to Guatemala) and while we were looking we passed the house of some converts.  As a spur of the moment decision we asked one of them to accompany us for the visit.  She did, and brought her 9 year old niece with her. 

So we find the house, and the grandkids yell to us that their grandpa is waiting for us and we should come in... So we did.... and were super excited to meet this ''super awesome Juan.''

Big mistake... Next thing I know, we came face to face with Juan... An angry 80 year old Guatemalan man who was yelling at me and holding in his hand a machete.... That's right people, A MACHETE!!!  He started yelling at me asking why the Mormons are always bothering him and explaining that he ALREADY GOT BAPTIZED THREE TIMES in other churches.... But then here was the real knee slapper... He then started explaining to us that he was reading in the Book of Mormon and he read that Nefi chopped off Laban's head with a sword.... He then proceeded to make giant swinging motions with his machete as he explained to us exactly how Nefi chopped off Labans head.

... And there I was.... Completely convinced that this man was going to chop my head off...

I wish I had a picture of Hermana C's face in that moment... and the convert's.  I quickly just invited him to church and then we BOOKED IT OUT OF THERE!!!

Yeah... We called the elders.

I am just grateful my head is still here on my neck... God is merciful. The elders totally bought us ''Sorry we almost got your heads chopped off'' cake. Almost makes up for it, but I am still resentful.

 We also got to go to the temple this week to do the work for Hermana C's grandma.  It was just incredible.  The Spirit was so strong.  After coming out of the font, Hermana C just hung on me and we both cried, the Spirit was so strong.  I really know that she accepted the work.  What I wasn't expecting was how strongly I felt the presence of Grandma Dora... Pretty sure that our grandmas are companions up there in spirit heaven preaching the gospel. 

Other news... We had two investigators in church on Sunday! Granted, they came to deal drugs with the elders' investigators, but hey! Beggars can't be choosers. 

Keep praying for us people! I am definitely praying for you!!! If all else fails, just drink Gatorade and get on with your life, that is what Guatemala has taught me. 

Love you guys!

Hermana Wise

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