Monday, January 12, 2015

Good news, I am still in Guatemala.


This week has been pretty standard.  Working hard and seeing some fruits of our labors.

 We had divisions this week with the Sister Training Leaders.  We had the chance to work with Hermana V, a sister who had crazy amounts of success here in La G______.  She is great and it was really good to see what I need to do to improve my teaching skills.  People here on the coast often don't understand what we are teaching them (most of them can't read).  So it is always a challenge to adjust your teaching style to meet their needs.  But she helped me a lot, so that was great.

Oh my, I can't even explain how much I love Hermana Z.  We have just been laughing and laughing all through this change.  Crazy things happen on the coast and we are just loving it.

For example...

This week Hermana Z and I went to a pretty far part of our area to find a reference that the zone leaders sent us... But they weren't home.  So, mostly lost, we started wandering around knocking some doors.  Hermana Z knocked a fence and started yelling into a house.

This is how it went...

¨Hi! We are representatives of Jesus Christ! We want to share a message with you!¨

Me... ¨Hermana, I don't think anyone is home...¨

Hermana Z ¨Yes they are! Look! There is a guy back there in the corner trying to hide from me.¨

I looked back there and sure enough, there was a man in the far corner of his patio.... Sitting on the toilet doing his business and trying to hide himself the best he could from the Mormon missionaries...

... I just awkwardly invited him to church.

He is TOTALLY going to get baptized one day.

That is about it for the week... Really it has been rough trying to get people to progress here, but we have faith!  Pray for R and N that their dad will give them permission! Pray for X and L that they will go to church this week and pray for M that she will be brave and get baptized.

Also pray for Hermana Z that this weird growth on her foot will go away.

.. She wants you guys to pray that it won't be filled with bot flies while you're at it.

Spiritual experience of the week.

This Sunday we went to go do a visit with a member but our cita (don't remember that word in English) fell through so we ended up looking for a contact that Hermana Z had.  They were pretty positive so we set up a following appointment for the next day.

When we came back the mom couldn't receive us but she let us teach her 8 year old daughter in the house of a nearby member. 

Me, being of little faith, was skeptical but we started the lesson.  I asked her what she asked in her prayer after we visited her the last time.  She confidently looked at me and said..

¨Well, I read that little book you left us and I prayed to know if Joseph Smith was a prophet and when I prayed I felt warm all over and I know that God was telling me that he was... It was beautiful.  I know this message is true.¨

It was amazing.  Really strengthened my faith that God really does answer prayers, even those of an 8 year old little girl.

Pray that she (L) and her mom (X) will progress together.

Well that is about it this week... I would like to close this email with a list of quotes from Hermana Z...

¨Wait.... Wasn't the Bible originally written in French or something?¨

¨Have you ever seen that documentary about the man that turns into a tree? That is my greatest fear.  But if I turn into a tree here in la G_________ at least you can have a little shade.¨

¨He might be a weirdo, but that is okay. It never says in Preach my Gospel that we can't baptize weirdoes.¨

(very loudly in the middle of zone training)  ¨MAN! I really hope they stop talking so I can have a snack break! I need my snack, people!!!¨

We got our snack, the zone leaders heard.

That is about it, folks!

Love ya

Hna Wise

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