Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Only on the Mission can you sleep through a 5.1 earthquake :)

Sup gringos!

This week has been weird, really hard, but really great too!  The work is chugging along here in V_______.  We didn’t have a single investigator in church on Sunday, which is always hard, but we have seen a lot of miracles and I know that we will have some this week.

Thus far, J_________ is not baptized.  More than anything, he is just afraid.  He knows the church is true but he won’t be baptized because he "hasn’t felt the joy in his heart yet." So.... We are working with him.  I have no doubt that he will be baptized, it is just a matter of when. Keep praying for that boy.  For now, we wait.

We have definitely seen some miracles this week, let me catch you guys up first:

My first day in here we ran around our house knocking doors for my first hour.  While we were knocking, we found and taught a pair of 13 year old twins (S______ and M_______).  They were fairly positive so we set a second appointment.  But, when we went back to find them they weren’t home.

Then, early in this week, we had about 20 minutes left to prosylite (don’t judge... English is hard).

Anyway, we decided to look for the twins again.  This time they were home (YIPEE).  So we prayed and started the lesson.  About 2 minutes in, S_______ tells us "wait here a minute, my mom wants to talk to you guys."


So here we are, anticipating to get ripped apart by a Catholic tiger mom.  But, MIRACLE! Turns out the mom is a member.  She was baptized when she was 9 but stopped going to church later in life because her alcoholic husband didn’t let her.  A year ago, she left her husband and has been waiting for someone to help her come back to church. She also listened to us.  We were teaching the Book of Mormon.  While we are there teaching, the grandma pokes her head out of the window to listen and then comes to join us.  Pretty soon, a friend of the twins (C______) stops by and he starts listening too! After about a minute he asks us to wait and ran to bring his mom so she could also hear about the Book of Mormon. 

So there we are, all of the sudden teaching a house full of very positive, very receptive investigators.

Geez, it was like we were on the coast or something.

But, it gets better.  C______, M______ and S_______ have all accepted baptismal dates for the 21 of September.  They couldn’t go to church last week, because they were out of town.  But they are all coming this week.  What a miracle.  We anticipate that C______’s mom will also be baptized, we just need to find her again.

What a crazy miracle.

So, pray for the house of pilas people.  I can’t wait to see how things turn out with them.

Other news of the week:

1.  I ate a "fire chili pepper" on a dare and earned the respect of the elders in my district

2.  I have been called to be district retention leader (for the third time....)

3. I slept through a 5.1 earthquake (we are sleepy as missionaries)

That is about it, folks! Love you guys! Make good choices.

Con amor,

Hermana Wise

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