Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Hey! I can see Petapa from here!

Hola padres,

Well, all of you who were thinking that I would get transferred to some crazy place in the mountains and be forced to learn K´tch´kil (Mayan), you guessed wrong.

I have been transferred to V________. 

I can see my old area from here.

V_______ is located just down the hill from Petapa.  I am just barely in a new zone.  Weird eh? But hey! At least I don’t have to learn Mayan! (not yet anyway)

My new companion is Hermana C_______.  She is a 22 year old tuba playing BYU student from California.  She entered the mission with Hermana Haymond. Gringa.  Also wasn’t expecting that.  But she is cool and we are getting along great.

Although V_______ is only down the hill from Petapa, the work here is really different.  Our area is significantly more dangerous than Petapa was, so we can only be in certain areas in night.  Additionally, the members aren’t as willing to leave with us as they were in Petapa.  But, little by little we are finding ways to help the ward help us.  But prayers for the members here in V________ would be great!

We currently only have one progressing investigator here.  His name is J______, he is 23 and one of the coolest people I have ever met here on the mission.  J______ is the brother of one of our recent converts.  Since birth, J______ has been severely physically handicapped.  For this reason, he is confined to a wheelchair.  But, he is not mentally disabled at all.  He knows that the church is true and wants to be baptized.  He is just concerned about how his parents are going to react.  He is afraid because, due to his medical condition, he lives at home and is entirely dependent on them.  His parents are Catholic.  REALLY Catholic.  They aren’t big fans of this whole "restored Gospel" thing.  But we are helping him move forward and trust in The Lord.  He is going to be baptized this Sunday.  Whoohoo! Pray for J_____!

Interesting fact about V__________:

During the week we eat with a family who owns a comidor (pretty sure these don’t exist in the States.... It is kinda like a little family restaurant, only sketchier) here in the ward.

Anyway, we eat there with the district leaders during the week because it boarders our areas and the members are really cool.  Friday afternoon, there I was, eating my chapina meal when all of the sudden two men come by hauling a makeshift black coffin...

.... a COFFIN people.

Well, these men opened up the garage door right by where we were eating and moved the coffin inside.  Then, WITHOUT CLOSING THE GARAGE DOOR, they open this coffin right up and begin preparing the body inside for burial.  RIGHT BY WHERE WE ARE EATING!!!

Yeah, that was an interesting cultural experience. 

To make things even more horrifying, when we walked by the next day, I realized that this garage is not marked as a funeral home.  Instead there is a giant sign on the door that reads: "Meat lasagna!"

I am not making this up people.  There is some real-life Sweeny Todd action going on here in V_____.

I think these people need the Gospel.

Anyway, other news:

I found some recent converts who disappeared from Petapa here in V________ (you can run, but you can’t hide)

I saw Hermana Haymond!!!!

That is about all I got.

Until next week!

I love you people,

- Hermana Wise

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