Wednesday, September 24, 2014

A Week of Miracles

Hola familia!

Wow, where do I even start? This week has been incredible. Stressful? yes.  Difficult? yes.  But incredible.  I am so blessed for the opportunity I have to serve here as a missionary. 

To begin, these things growing on my head? Just an infection.  Nothing serious.  I am SO GLAD THAT I AM NOT GETTING SENT HOME/ STATESIDE. 

This week I was SUPER stressed out about what the possible results could be of what these lumps on my head were.  Wednesday night I finally broke down and asked for a blessing from the Elders in my district.  Elder H____ gave me a blessing wherein he:


2.  Promised that "the Lord would answer the prayers of the righteous, and I would be blessed to finish my full time missionary service if I prayed with faith."

I felt a lot better after that.  Hermana and President Markham were praying for me all week.  Thursday, they took me in to get my stitches out and receive the diagnosis.  We offered a kneeling prayer before going in.  I just felt an overwhelming peace.  I knew, without doubt, that it was just going to be okay. 

The moment we walked in, the doctor told me:

 "GOOD NEWS, YOU CAN KEEP WORKING! YOU ONLY HAVE AN INFECTION!" Hermana and President Markham broke down and cried.  It was at this point that President Markham looked at me and said,

"We didn’t tell you before, but the whole mission has been praying for you specifically that you would be able to stay."

Wow.  I am so humbled that every single missionary in the Guatemala City Central mission was praying for me this week.  I just feel so loved.  I know that when we pray to God, we aren’t changing His will.  Instead, we are securing for ourselves blessings that He is already willing to give us, we just have to ask Him first.  I am so grateful that 240 other missionaries were also asking for the blessing that I needed.  I truly know that God hears and answers our prayers when we ask Him with faith.  I am pumped that I get to stay here for a year.  My mission is just getting started. 

Other great news this week:

I SAW HERMANA H________[her trainer]!!!! I love that woman with all my heart.  Poor thing was worried sick about me.  But, it was just so fun to get to talk to her for a bit. 

THE TWINS CAME TO CHURCH AND THEY LOVED IT!!!!!!!!!!!  Best part?  At the end of sacrament meeting we sang "the Spirit of God."  Halfway through the song, S______ looked up at me with tears in her eyes and said

"I think I can feel this fire that they are talking about in my heart right now, am I feeling the Holy Ghost?"

I got all choked up but responded "si"

She then told me:

"Yo se que esta es la iglesia verdadera.  Es verdadera, yo se!"

You are right kid.  The church is true. 

Moments like that make it all worth it. 

Love you guys! Thanks for the prayers!!!

Hermana Wise

I also have pictures this week!

The Guatemala sun is slowly turning my hair red (in this light it looks REALLY red...but it isn't quite that pronounced). But definitely red highlights!

This is why I won't be wearing my hair in a ponytail anytime soon.

Here's the beastie they removed from my head!  Cool, huh?

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