Tuesday, September 9, 2014

I fell in an open manhole cover and smashed my face on a toilet!...

Hola familia!!!

Well, let’s just cut to the chase here; I know you are all curious about the subject line of this email.  Allow me to explain Hermana Wise’s most recent adventure,

Thursday, I completed 6 calendar months in the mission (I say calendar months because I technically completed 6 months when I came to V__________ in "mission time" because every 4 transfers is supuestamene 6 months.... But this is just an irrelevant tangent)

Anyway, Thursday night, there I was running (literally) to an appointment at about 7:30 at night.  The only thing is, that it was raining and there had been an accident.  As a result, there was a lot of traffic, and a lot of (to quote my mother) "rubberneckers" in the street trying to see what had happened.  So there we were, hurrying to our appointment and trying to dodge the tiny Guatemaltecans in our way. 

One minute I was following Hermana C________, and the next I was in a man hole. 

I guess in Guatemala, there are no laws about when and where you can leave your open man holes.  So there was one just hanging out in the middle of the sidewalk in V__________.  I know what you are thinking:

"But that is so dangerous!"

Don’t worry, someone else thought the same thing, so they courteously placed a dirty, broken, toilet in front of the hole to keep people from falling in.  Too bad said safety measure was placed on the opposite side of the hole from where I fell in.  Meaning that instead of being protected from danger by said toilet, I just smashed my face into it as I fell into the man whole. 

The greatest part of the adventure was the Evangelico lady who screamed out "OH HOLY SPIRIT, HELP THIS WOMAN OF GOD!" as she watched me fall... It was a nice touch. 

But, thankfully Hermana C________ and a bunch of helpful little Guatemalan ladies fished me out of the hole (meanwhile, previously mentioned Evangelico lady was yelling "THERES A GRINGA IN THE HOLE, A GRINGA IN THE HOLE!").  Miraculously, nothing was broken, so I took some extra strength Tylenol and we went to our appointment. 

Happy 6 months to me!!!

Alright now down to business, we got some very exciting news this week: 

V_________ IS RECIEVING A SENIOR COUPLE THIS WEEK! Whoohoo! We are so excited.  This ward is pretty disheartened about missionary work at this point and I think a nice, excited couple of senior missionaries will be just what they need.

We are definitely having a very genuine mission experience here in V_________, we are seeing some amazing miracles and some great experiences but we are also having some real disheartening moments. 

Sad moment of the week: J_______ broke up with us.  He told us he doesn’t want us to come by anymore and that he isn’t ready to be baptized anytime soon.  We left a really positive note on his registro and know that, in time, other missionaries will find him and he will be baptized. 

Happy moment of the week: two of our investigators, R______ and her sister C______ came to church this week!!! Whoohoo!!! They loved it.  R______ is 17 and didn’t realize that some of her friends are members, C_______ (age 10) loved primary.  They are getting baptized on the 21st.

House of pilas people didn’t come to church, but are coming next week.  As they were walking to church they received a phone call that their grandpa was in the hospital so they ran to visit him.  Darn you Satanas, keeping our investigators out of church.... But they have stopped drinking coffee and are going to be baptized on the 28th.  The Markhams are even going to come! Hooray!

That is about it folks! Love you all a whole lot! Stay pilas

con amor,

Hermana Wise


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