Wednesday, October 1, 2014


Hey family!


We were SO STRESSED that we would end up leaving this area.  But, Hermana C______ and I don’t have changes (thank GOODNESS).  We have eight investigators progressing toward baptism and neither of us wanted to miss it. 

We are definitely seeing a ton of miracles here in V________.  This area is notorious for being really hard to work in, but The Lord has definitely blessed us.  This Sunday we had ELEVEN investigators in church.  That is just unheard of.  The twins came! That means that they can get baptized next Sunday after General Conference with their grandma.  We also have another little girl who is ten, was baptized at eight but never got confirmed.... And this was just barely discovered.  So, she is now our responsibility and President Markham decided that, since it has been so long, she needs to be baptized again.

That means that next Sunday we will:

1.  Listen to the prophet of God

2.  Baptize 4 people!

We are STOKED!  The twins couldn’t be more excited for their baptism and their grandma is just plugging right along as well.  Their grandma actually accepted a baptismal date before we had even taught her anything.  She just came to church with the twins and after told us:

"All my life, I have been searching for the word of God, and FINALLY! I received it today in church.  I received the word of God and I want to be baptized.  Can you guys help me with that?"


I have no idea what on earth she means by "received the word of God" but hey! I am not complaining.  She is ready to be baptized.

Funny story of the week:

This week we were out knocking doors before lunch when we came across a bright pink house blasting Evangelico music.  So, of course, we decided to knock it. 

Turns out, this old guy named Fredi lives there.  Fredi used to live in, of all places, Logan Utah.  But now lives in V____________, Guatemala and makes a living growing weed which he sells on the street "for medical purposes."

Anyway, undeterred we started teaching him the first lesson.  I guess he took the lessons like 15 years ago when he lived in Utah so to get a feel for what he already knew I asked him what he remembered about Joseph Smith.  This was his reply:

"Oh yeah, I know everything about Joseph Smith! He was the guy who asked Queen Victoria for some money to go discover an easier way to get to India to trade, but he ended up discovering America! But then once he got there, he married Pocahontas and they had the first thanksgiving.  Then a few years later he saw God and Jesus Christ and they told him that none of the churches were true! So he fought with the Indians and started his own church but all the people hated them so they had to go west and establish Utah and that is why we have BYU."

..... Yeah..... We just started from ground zero with him. But we are going back today and we will see what happens!

I love it here.  I love my mission.  I love these people.

I know that the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints is the same church that Jesus Christ organized during his earthly ministry.  I know that this gospel was restored through Joseph Smith.  As a representative of Jesus Christ I testify that He lives.  I know that He loves us. 

I love you people! Make good choices!

Hna Wise

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