Thursday, June 11, 2015

Voy a dar luz...Otra Vez

Hola Familia!

So.... Changes.....

I AM GOING TO TRAIN AGAIN!!! Whoohoo! Best part is that I get to train here in SE.  Hermana P told me she was almost positive I was going to train and open again, but thank goodness she was wrong and I get to stay here.  That means that Hna S is off to another area, and I will likely finish my mission here.  I couldn't be happier.  Really, I love SE. 

This week was a good one.  The chicken pox cleared up.  Really, it was a pretty light case.  I probably only got 15 pox in total... and only 2 on my face so that is pretty good.   I definitely will have some scars.  But hey! They will just blend in with the scars that I already have from flea bites, so whatever. 

I cannot believe that we are already in June... Really, time absolutely FLIES on the mission.  This time last year I was eating bugs with Hermana Haymond now I am here in SE, same zone. Pretty crazy. 

This week was filled with tender mercies.  Being on the mission has really helped me draw nearer to God and help me understand better His love for His children.  I am going to explain 3 tender mercies that God showed us this week:

1.  This Sunday was fast and testimony meeting.  We ran around like crazy trying to get investigators to church but all of our investigators either disappeared, told us this Sunday no but next Sunday yes, or had dengue.  We went to church with NO ONE.  But by a miracle we had 4 new investigators show up at church.  The members brought friends.  It was a huge miracle.

So we started the meeting feeling content for the miracle of having investigators in church.  Our branch is really small so typically the same people share almost every testimony meeting.  However, as the meeting was closing, the second counselor stood up and asked if anyone else would like to share.  O, our 15 year old convert who changed his studies to go to church, launched out of his chair and walked to the front.  His testimony was powerful.  He said:

"I want to share my testimony and tell everyone that I really do know that the church is true.  The missionaries visited my family before, but I never had real intent.  I just prayed because the missionaries told me to... But I never got an answer because I didn't care.  When the sisters came it was different.  I felt the Spirit.  When they told us about how Joseph Smith saw God I really wanted to know if it was true.  I knelt down and really prayed The Spirit washed over me just like how it was when the sisters visited... I know the church is true.  I got baptized two weeks ago and I know that we are going to stay here forever.  I am excited to be an eternal family in a year and I invite all of you who have not been baptized to pray and ask God like I did, because I know that you can get an answer too."

It was incredible.  He just blew me away.  We as missionaries really don't do anything.  We can't change anyone.  The Spirit makes the difference.

2.  Yesterday for Pday we all went into the capital to eat TGI Fridays as a district (with permission... we aren't chambones).  Well, the rain picked up and all the buses stopped running, leaving us stranded outside our area without a phone and with no way to return to SE.  We didn't know what we were going to do so we hurried and prayed.  Within 5 minutes of ending the prayer, a family of members who is visiting Guatemala drove by, stopped and asked us for if we needed help, and then returned us to our area. 

They told us:

"We just felt like we should pull over."

Huge tender mercy.

3.  Hermana C called me.  She is doing great.  She received the notice that she and Hermana W are staying together, but they will be opening area out there in S.  Giant miracle.  Poor kid was struggling getting any traction in her area out there.  Pray that she will find success!

Well, that is all for this week folks!  I am going to include a picture that we took in Antigua outside of (one of) the giant Catholic churches out there....

I LOVE THE MISSION!  Wow, just can't say it enough.  

Yo les amo! Tengan una feliz semana y lean El Libro de Mormon!!!!

Con amor

Hna Wise

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