Saturday, March 21, 2015

Buenas Nocitias

Hola Familia!

Have you ever carried a 60 pound block of carrots on your head for 10 blocks to be able to offer service to a couple of little Guatemalan grandmas?  I have.  Yesterday.  And my whole entire body hurts today.

But guess what? For the first time since I was in Villa Hermosa I didn't have changes!!!!!! WHOOHOO!!!!! Hermana C and I are still together here in P and I will get to finish her training.  It is a miracle, people.  From what the sister training leaders told me, I almost had changes but at the last minute no! Whoohoo!!!!

Guess what else? My homie Hermana P is the new sister training leader for the city and the coast, which means we will get to do divisions together! I am pretty stoked because Hermana P is the best.

Guess what else??? WE BAPTIZED THIS WEEK.  It was a complete miracle that came out of nowhere but J got baptized last Friday (the 9 year old from the less active family).  He is super cute and was super excited to be baptized.  He got baptized on his dad´s birthday which is pretty stinking adorable. 

It was a complete miracle because there wasn't water in the church.... Like at all.  This happens sometimes in Guatemala but I really thought it was just a problem for the coast but we didn't have any water to baptize him. So all of the members were filling up giant garbage buckets of water and we were going to haul it all to the church in a giant pickup truck but then the police were telling us that we couldn't (punks).  So we just knelt and said a powerful prayer and guess what?


Miracles, people. 

The baptism was probably the craziest ordeal anyone has ever seen, but hey!... The kid got baptized and the family was happy.  Somehow, we got locked out of the baptismal font after filling it up... So in the middle of the baptismal service, Elder P had to throw himself over the glass in order to climb up and open the door so that little J could enter the font and be baptized.  I really think that ministering angels saved Elder P's life because he more or less just fell into the font nearly knocking himself unconscious.... But it was all okay so don't worry.  Nothing invites the Spirit into a baptism like almost having to call an ambulance for the elders.

But the highlight of the whole week was the conference that we had with Elder Anderson.  Yup THAT Elder Anderson... Like the apostle.  It basically blew my mind. We had front row seats. He spoke to us in Spanish which was quite impressive because he served his mission in France and later served as a mission president speaking Portuguese so I am not really sure where he picked Spanish up.  He talked a lot about the power of the atonement in conversion.  I got to shake his hand.  THAT IS RIGHT PEOPLE! THESE STRESS INDUCED PRUNEY FINGERS TOUCHED AN APOSTLE OF GOD!!!   Plus he totally borrowed my Spanish scriptures for his talk... Oh yeah.  I am totally going to baptize all of P with these things now. 

Well, that is about it people.  I am doing my best not to get shot here in P... No se precupe.  Just know that I love you guys and I am praying for you every day!!!

Tell Hermanas Godfrey and Haymond that I say HI!

Love ya

Hermana Wise

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