Wednesday, February 4, 2015

With Child

Hey family,

Wow, so much has happened this week.  First off... The news.

It all started Thursday morning.  Hermana Z and I were comfortably doing our morning studies when all of the sudden the phone rang...

... No one EVER calls during morning studies. 

When I answered it was the APs. 

Elder H: "Hermana Wise, I am just calling you to let you know that The Lord qualifies who he calls.  Now, I want you to listen... Trainers need to be perfect, diligent, obedient, they must inspire and uplift their companion, their influence will impact their trainee for their entire mission...They have to work miracles, including the miracle of baptism....

(giant pause)

.. And you and Hermana Z will BOTH be training.¨

Wow.  We did NOT see that coming at all.  But wait, it gets weirder. 

So we hyperventilate and panic a bit and then the phone rings again:

This time it was the Sister Training Leaders.  They called to congratulate us about training and cheer us on when all of the sudden Hermana O asks me:

¨So, Hermana Wise... Did President tell you where you are going?!"

Me: " WHAT? I am leaving? We didn't even know who of the two of us was leaving!"

Hermana O: (backtracking)  "Uhh.... Well maybe I mean who knows! Maybe not, I mean uhhh you could stay or uhhh.... WE GOTTA GO LOVE YOU BYE!"

So weird.

The zone leaders called that night and asked me the same thing.... But it wasn't until yesterday that I got the official notice that I will be the one who is leaving.


Really, your guess is as good as mine... But it is going to be something weird... Because it is always weird when the zone leaders know about it ahead of time. 

Likely, I will be opening an area and training.  This will be my 5th area before I reach the year mark on the mission and the third consecutive area that I have opened.

... The mission is crazy, people.

But give me your guesses, where in the world is Hermana Wise?  I will find out tomorrow, but you will find out in a week.

But that explains the title... Here in the mission those you train are your "children" so I am with child. 

Other crazy news:

We had a COMPLETE turnaround with K and she got baptized last Friday.  It was a complete miracle, she is like an entirely new person.  It really is a miracle to see how the Spirit can work in someone.  The service was super cool and it really was a tender mercy of The Lord.

It is just amazing to think about all my converts and the hand of The Lord in their lives to help carry them to the Gospel truth. 

The Church is true, people.  Ask God, He will let you know.

Before I forget! Please send me a new pair of croc flats.  I have walked holes into the pair that I am currently wearing.... That can't be sanitary here in Guatemala.  I really don't need a big package, just a pair of croc flats size 10 (maybe 2 to last me through the mission).

Also, remember way back in my training when we baptized F and P  Well, I got notice last week that they are really struggling.  I was going to go to their temple sealing but now they are considering divorce... Please pray for them. 

Spiritual thought:

Okay people let's be honest... I have NO IDEA what I am doing here.  The thought of training has been stressing me out a bit, especially in a new area.  But, this week I was reading about the Brother of Jared (my favorite Book of Mormon character).  I absolutely love his faith to obey with exactness what God commanded him to do. He, as the Lord commanded, built the eight boats. Then, after he presented the problem to The Lord about the lack of light in the vessels.  When the Lord asked him to present the solution, he didn't take the easiest way out instead he climbed the highest mountain and brought the stones back to The Lord. 

But, if you think about it... all he had were some pretty rocks.  They didn't help him at all until The Lord reached out to touch and illuminate them.

That is kinda how the mission is.  We work as hard as we possibly can but at the end of the day all we have are some pretty stones.  WE don't do anything.  WE can't change anyone.  But, this Gospel message is true.  It has the power to change people.  It can and does illuminate the mind and The Spirit to testify of eternal truths. 

I know and testify that The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints is the very same church that Christ himself established during his earthly ministry.  I know that He leads and guides his church today.  I testify that in the year 1820, a 14 year old boy asked God to know what church he should join but had an experience that changed history forever.  I know that God called Joseph Smith to be his prophet.  I know without a doubt.  And I know that ANYONE can know it too...

.. Just get down on your knees and ask God. 

Pray for me people, I have no idea where I will be this time next week.

Pray for my hija. 

Pray for La G that I have to leave behind (I love it here, people)

I love you all and pray for you often.  Keep reading the Book of Mormon.  Its true and it will change your life.

And with this giant cliff hanger, I leave you.


Until next week,

Hermana Wise

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