Wednesday, October 29, 2014


Hola Familia,

Funny you should ask when we have cambios..... Change meeting is tomorrow and......

.....They are closing our area and putting Elders in.

In mission terms, we are getting sacked. 

President Markham let us know on Thursday when we had interviews.  He let us know that there have been some safety issues going down in the elders area which have been escalating (last change both Elders had emergency changes they sacked the gringos and put in Latinos).  He has become increasingly concerned that the sisters would be affected so he decided to pull us out and put Elders in.  He explained to us that it is all the will of the Lord and that he knows that this is what needs to happen but it was still devastating.  I really don't want to leave this place. 

But, we have done what we needed to do.  We came.  We worked.  We saw miracles and now we are both leaving.

Last night we had to tell C__________ family as well as the family of the bishop (we called the bishop to give him a heads up on Friday, but his family didn't know).  We had a family home evening with all of them in the bishops house, gave a lesson about the importance of enduring to the end, and then dropped the bomb. 

Surprisingly, they took the news well.... At first.  It was after the lesson when they fell apart.  Every last one of them was bawling, plus the bishops family, plus the bishop, and we were both a mess too.

This is the worst part of the mission, having to leave your converts behind.

But, I know that the Lord has great things in store for my little corner of the vineyard here.  I wish I could stay.  I love V____________.  But, I know that I will love wherever I go next.

.... Como asi es la mision.

 But as a result I have NO EARTHLY IDEA where I will be next week.  Maybe I will go back to P_______? Jaja.  Who knows?

Anyway, I would definitely appreciate some prayers this week.  Pray for my little converts in V__________ that they will be able to keep working hard and stay strong in the church.

Other news of the week:

1.  Yes, I got my package.  Thank you SO MUCH! The Mp3 player is awesome.  It is great to be able to listen to some church songs after a long day of working.

2.  I am currently being made fun of by the elders in the district.  Why? Because my ankle is sprained.  How did I sprain my ankle? I fell into a hole....

.... again.

3.  We went to la Zona uno for P Day yesterday.  It was awesome.  Bought myself a sweet corte skirt made by Lamanites.

That is about it for the week.  I love you people.  Keep on moving forward.  Don't be stoops.  Say your prayers.  Eat lots of Dairy Queen.  DON'T have scoliosis.  Try not to accidentally make giant purchases on Ebay....

 Love you guys

Until next time!

Hermanita We-SAY!

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