Tuesday, June 3, 2014



So this week I have a super embarrassing story to share with all of you...

On Thursday, Hermana H__________ and I had a really positive appointment set up first thing after studies in the morning.  Unfortunately, this appointment was in Brisas, the part of our area that is really hard to get to. 

So, deciding to save some time we took our secret path between La Jolla and Brisas (the very path I explained in my last email.)

As we where sprinting through the field, we realized (much to our dismay) that the hole in the fence that we usually climb through to get into someone else´s vegetable garden had been patched (possibly because they saw two gringas climbing through their vegetable garden).  So, we kept running through the Guatemalan field searching for a way to get to Brisas. 

As we ran, we suddenly came to a giant pit in the middle of nowhere.  It was pretty deep, but we decided to brave it.  Hermana H_________ went first and (although convinced that she was going to get bitten by a snake) jumped into the pit. 

Well, turns out the walls of the pit weren’t incredibly stable.  And, before Hermana H__________ could warn me, I decided to make a  go at it to. 

Unfortunately for me, I lost my footing and was flung violently, headfirst into the hole. 

There I was, splattered on the ground, my stuff flying everywhere, backpack full of scriptures flipped over my head, bleeding with a mouth full of dirt.

I looked HILARIOUS. 

Poor Hermana H_________ looks back to see her hija completely splattered everywhere and she starts laughing.... and laughing.... and laughing

.... And then peeing. 

So there I am, in a ditch picking dirt out of my teeth meanwhile, my companion has peed her pants. 

It was at this very moment that two overly helpful young men come immerging from the wilderness with the intent of saving the helpless white girls. 

Nothing is more awkward than trying to be helped by young men as a sister missionary. 

To make things worse, we still needed to scale the barbed-wire fence. 

Hermana H_________ went first and (by some miracle) managed to get herself AND her pee-soaked skirt over the fence.

I (being the extremely coordinated soul that I am) wasn’t so lucky.  I ended up completely entangled in the barbed wire, shredding my skirt, and forcing me to accept more help from the overly-excited jovens. 

SO, the moral of the story is.... If you are going to trespass, wear sensible clothing.

Other happenings this week:

Truly this week has been a bit rough as far as investigators go.  It seems that we always have super positive lessons throughout the week.  But, our investigators always seem to have SOMETHING keep them from coming to church. But, we have faith that things will improve. 

My favorite part of being a missionary has to be teaching people how to pray.  Even if people don´t accept a second visit, we always teach them how to pray.  Majority of people here either:

1. Memorize specific prayers

2.  Believe they are unworthy to pray directly to God

3.  Have never personally prayed before

There is something so incredible about witnessing someone talk to God for the very first time.  You can tell, in that moment that they can feel their divine connection. They can feel that God is listening.  It´s like their soul was wanting something all this time and we just taught them what it is.  It´s such a blessing to be able to witness it.

Gracias for my package!! I loved it.  Especially the lice shampoo.  Hermana H________ assures me that I will use it.

But really, I almost cried when I saw that you sent me curry.  I can’t even explain how happy it makes me.  I made a batch last night.  Hermana H_________ had never had curry before, but, she is a believer.  We ate it on tortillas.  Because, if I have learned anything here, it’s that you eat everything on a tortilla.

Also, I figured out my pin for the Visa card.  However, the ATMs here won’t accept it for some reason (it says that there is a problem with the card and that I need to call the bank).  So I pulled some money from the other card to pay for my bible.  I hope that’s ok.  But not really sure what to do in the future.

Congrats to Lincoln for getting a job! And to Holly for finishing her first year of teaching!!!

How is it June already, people???

I love you all! Thanks for all your support.  Did you guys get your letters yet?

Until next week,


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