Wednesday, June 18, 2014



Good news, I am still in Guatemala. 

This week has been interesting.  Apparently the world cup is happening?  We can always tell because P_________ turns into a ghost town anytime Germany, Spain, or Brazil are playing.  I have no idea why no one seems to root for Honduras.  Come on, people root for your home continent!  It is pretty funny to hear GOOOOOOOOOOL! echoing from every lamina house in P_________ during the games.  I keep telling Hermana H_________ that I want to yell ¨METAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!!¨But she informs me that no one will think that I am funny.

Come on, bilingual friends... Acknowledge that I´m funny.

We have been asked a quite a few times this week if we are from Germany... No.  Los estados unidos.

Speaking of my nationality, this week Hermana H___________ and I where teaching two (possibly drunk) men about the Gospel in the street.  Halfway through my explanation of Joseph Smith,  one of the men asked where we were from…

Sigh.... ¨Los estados unidos.¨

The man then proceeded to explain that I was lying to him and that only Hermana H__________ is from the states and that he believes I am from some other country instead. 

¨No, really.... I´m from Utah.¨

Ï know the United States, Utah doesn’t exist.  If you are from the United States that means that you are a Gringa.... You aren´t a Gringa!!!¨

Well, I didn’t really know how to respond to that one, so we just kept teaching.

Good news!!!! Mariela is baptized!!!! It was absolutely a miracle and such a blessing to get to be a part of her baptismal service.  The whole ward showed up, the young women all sang, and Hermana Alverado made her a cake.  The whole thing was just beautiful. 

Then, if it wasn’t already the most beautiful thing you ever heard of, there was a double rainbow when we walked out of her baptism.  It could not have been more perfect.  It was like a gift from God directly to Mariela.

Life is great people.

We are currently working with some super pilas investigators who want to get baptized.  They are a little family named Jose, Manuel and Yuvis.   They came to church on their own after just one visit (such a miracle).  During the first visit we asked them:

¨Are you guys married?¨

to which they responded


They are both super positive.  She gave up coffee completely and he gave up smoking, drinking, and coffee cold turkey.  Who needs AA? Just talk to the missionaries!!!

(this was incredible, NO ONE gets married here).  It wasn´t until the next visit that we realized.... Yes! They are both married..... to other people.


So we need a serious miracle here in P_______ so they can both get divorced, married, and baptized by the end of the month. Can we do it? NO.  Can God grant us a miracle and make it happen? Of course!!!

Pray for a miracle, people!

I am so glad that you all liked your cards!!! I sure had fun sending them. I am quite terrified about this ¨thing¨ that Lincoln is sending me.

Funny quote of the week: 

(While teaching a couple of our recent converts with their 7 year old nephew)

Me: ¨So, God will help us with all of our problems! He knows us perfectly, and will always help us when we pray.¨

Hermana H_________ ¨So, what can we do when we have problems?¨

7 year old boy ¨CALL THE POLICE!!!!¨

Good answer,  not what we were looking for. 

Thanks for all of your support and love!!! I love you all and hope you have a great week.

Thanks for everything!

Also, how have I been here for 4 months??? Wow, time flies

Happy Fathers day, Dad!

Hermana Wise

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