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Alright, P______ is Zion.  I was born into the best area with the best trainer in the best mission in the world.  I am just spoiled.

This week was absolutely amazing.  We had a wedding for Faustina and Patty so they could be married.  Weddings here aren’t the special, intimate, meaningful celebrations they are back home.  Neither are they the wild Guatemalan fiestas I was envisioning.  Rather, they are a stressful legal meeting at the church where you sign your life away to a lawyer and pay gajillions of dollars for a piece of paper.

No wonder no one is married here.

Entonces, Patty and Faustino needed to be married so they could get baptized the next day.  They are a super pilas familia here in Petapa and the whole ward loves them... Like most days when we go to teach there are already members there. 

Anyway, the wards support for this family was unlike anything I had ever seen before.  One of the sisters gave Patty her wedding dress so she could have something to wear.  The bishop bought a suit for Faustino.  The young women made home spun decorations and arrived two hours early to put them up.  The lawyer was a member and she didn’t charge for her service, and the entire ward showed up to support them. 

It was AMAZING!!!! The ceremony was the most home spun, thrown together ceremony ever, but I just wanted to cry watching it because it was such a perfect demonstration of Christ like love within a ward.

Additionally, we have been teaching a girl named Wendy.  Wendy has 23 years and lives with her parents taking care of her 2 year old sister full time.  We taught her once on our own and she was super super shy.  So the next time we went with her we brought a girl from the ward to help her feel more comfortable.  The woman from the ward who left with us invited her to church and even offered to give her a skirt so she would have something to wear.  Wendy agreed.  The next day, she stayed for all three hours and then attended the baptisms of Faustino y Patty as well.  Then two girls from the ward walked her home.  That night, we went to go visit her.  This is how it went.

¨Wendy, how did you feel at church?¨

Ï felt really great!!! I felt like there was a part of my heart that I didn’t even know was empty that got filled up.  The people where SO NICE.  Relief Society was the greatest thing I have ever been a part of.  When I watched Hermana Patty get baptized it touched my heart and I want to be baptized too... Can I get baptized?¨



It NEVER happens like that.  This is the most golden of the golden investigators!!!!

I instantly burst into tears.  She is getting baptized on May 11th.

The Lamanites are ready for the gospel, people.

This week was just so great.  We had three baptisms and set four more bautismal fechas.  Thanks for all the prayers.  They are definitely working.

Alright, hilarious story of the day....

So I contacted a bus earlier this week (that means I stood up at the top, asked the bus driver to turn the music down, and then started teaching the first discussion to a bus full of captive Guatemalans) After, we passed for everyones’ information and I came to a woman named Rosalina dressed entirely in Corte (traditional guatemalan clothes).  She was nice but told me she didn’t want to listen to my message.

Two hours later, we were out knocking doors in a sketchy Guatemalan alley when we tapped on the door of.... ROSALINA! She FLUNG the door open, SCREAMED, and then embraced me in the most GIANT HUG OF MY LIFE.  She then kissed both my cheeks and jumped up and down excitedly.

Hermana H__________...¨Do you two know each other?¨


(this lady told me no....)

she then contininued to tell all about how I was her best friend and God sent me to her and God helped me find her door even though she said no. 

So.... We taught the first lesson.  After the first lesson was over, we asked her if she would give the prayer. We explained that we start by saying Padre Celestial and termine in el nombre de Jesucristo.  We asked if she would pray...

She said ¨Padre celestial¨and then starts chanting in MAYAN! and dancing all around singing and chanting in some language we don’t understand.  Then she starts pronouncing ancient Mayan blessings on me (her best friend)... this went on for a solid 5 minutes before she said ën el nombre de Jesucristo, amen¨ 

Hermana H___________ and I sprinted around the corner before we completely died laughing.

funny quote of the week:

(During personal study)

Hermana H__________ ¨Where is that scipture about the stupor of thought?¨

pretty funny.

Alright friends! Thank to everyone for the continued love and support.  Being a missionary is hard, but it is just SO AMAZING! I love it here.  I love being a missionary.  Linc and Kenz, I hope you both get to have this same experience.

Make good choices, everyone! Talk to you on the 11th


Hermana Veiseh (¨Wise¨in guatemalan)

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